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DNA India - Dec 2014

posted Jan 25, 2016, 7:38 AM by Mohan Joshi

Mohan Joshi A man with magical touch

His healing works for patients with blood pressure, asthama, arthritis, sciatica, slipped disc

 Padmja Sinha @PADMJA

Thane: Mohan Joshi, a 50-year-old Thane resident, has made entire country his home and has been curing people for the past 18 years. While he cannot explain his magical powers, Joshi claims to have cured many, including business tycoon Dhirubhai Ambani, former Karnataka minister HK Patil, the most recent former Lok Sabha speaker Balram Jakhar and many more.

A graduate in humanities and former bank employee, Joshi does not practise this spiritual art for money or fame, but to serve the needy. Calling himself a spiritual healer, he shared, “Though I have cured many people, I have not come to terms that my touch literally cures people of their diseases. It was not easy for me to believe, but it all started when an astrologer told me that I have a rare power which can be used to heal people suffering from various physical and psychological ailments. Later, I discussed this with my friend who suffered from continual pain caused by Ganglia. He asked me to try my healing touch on him. Interestingly, it worked and he never experienced pain again. He informed that the ganglion growth had diminished.”

Later, Joshi started trying his powers on other patients for free. Each patient cured boosts up his confidence so much that he now has no hesitation to call himself a ‘spiritual healer’ with powers to cure diseases.

Talking about the various diseases, he said, “Healing is highly effective in blood pressure, asthama, arthritis, sciatica, muscular pain, slipped disc, spine disorder, swelling, paralysis, neurological disorder, heart problem (he successfully treated a young patient who had a hole in his heart), among others.”

Adding a word of caution, Joshi said the healing touch cannot work against the nature. One may help in seeking some relief, but not a cure.

“Interestingly, people approach me as a last resort with illness, which I have never heard, still they are benefited,” he added.

While he cured Dhirubhai Ambani of paralysis, on the right side of the body, HK Patil was finally able to walk after getting treated by him and presently, he has given one session of healing touch to former Lok Sabha speaker Balram Jakhar, who had asked him to continue the sessions further.

How healing touch works?

When people come to Joshi to get cured, he simply asks them to relax and stay calm. He then places his hand on the affected part. During the healing process, his hand turns warm. Though one cannot see instant results, changes can be seen and experienced gradually. There is no fix time to get the results. It can be felt in a day, week or even months and that he also asks patients to keep an open mind.

Joshi said, “I welcome every patient who comes to me with a faith. Yes, I am not a doctor who can diagnose disease, but can certainly help people to some extent. I am spending a retired life and attending to my patients in various parts of the country yet, I would like to start a clinic so that I can spend rest of my life serving people.”

“My only wish is to start a clinic so that I can spend the rest of my life serving people. I have cured more than 50,000 people from various places and wish to increase the number,” said Joshi.

Those who want to get cure can call him on— 9699046147/7506262009/9321112144.